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1. Introductory. – The Christian Character and How to attain it

2. Experience and Teachings of our Saviour on the Baptism of the Holy Ghost

3. Doctrine of the Baptism of the Holy Ghost Explained and Elucidated

4. BaptismS of the Spirit Under the Old and New Dispensations Compared

5. Baptism of the Spirit Under the New Dispensation

6. The Preparation for the Baptism of the Spirit

7. Miscellaneous Suggestions in Regard to this Doctrine

8. The Fellowship of the Spirit

9. The Unity of the Spirit

10. Witness, Demonstration, and Power of the Spirit

11. The Fountain Opened for Sin and for Uncleanness, or the Cleansing Power of the Spirit

12. The Consolation of the Spirit, or the Uses of Afflictive Providences

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